Is it march already??

I cannot believe it is already march this year is flying by. I cannot believe my lovely daughter is already 2 months old. I guess lack of sleep makes time fly? Lack of sleep seems to make time stand still at the same time. I really have to get my last transcript over to IUS. I have put this simple task off for like 3 weeks now! Yikes. Why is it that it takes so much time to do something like an errand once you have kids? Yes I start back at school this summer and I am very excited about this. Sitting out for the semester was the right decision but I am ready to be recovered (for the most part) and ready for lovely daughter to be in her own room.

My sweet baby:


She will still be in our room for about another month or so once she starts consistently sleeping through the night. One night it will be between 5 and 8 hours and the next 10 minutes. She is a very fussy baby. Content  for a very brief time and then upset until whatever she wants she gets. This would be fine if we knew what she wanted. I am really beginning to think it is to just scream sometimes. That sometimes ALWAYS occurs exactly 30 minutes after I have finally collapsed…. I mean fallen asleep. I am going to try her sleeping in her playpen tonight because she has outgrown her bassinet. Yep she is close to that 15 lb limit already.

On other note I am now sitting in my clean, well mostly ehh…clean enough, house having a yummy cup of coffee with whip cream and caramel. Oh yes it is nap time. I love nap time and today my wonderful children are napping at the SAME time. I love these days. I get to enjoy quiet, even though it will be brief, and I am staring at the beautiful flowers my husband got for me. Beautiful different colored daisies. I love daisies. I love flowers. I told him no flowers for valentine’s day and I guess he couldn’t hold out on buying some any longer.

My pretty flowers:


I would like to add that my toddler has a knack for destroying our home in less than 5 minutes. Evidence is recorded below. I swear I do not even know how he makes a mess as fast as he does.

This is the playroom disaster from today:

PhotobucketThe clean playroom:
PhotobucketThis is the living room disaster:

The clean living room:


We have also added a new puppy to our family. His name is Gordon Bombay after the head coach of the Mighty Ducks. He is a very sweet boy and is almost completely potty trained. He gets along marvelously with our son. He doesn’t even mind becoming an experiment in fort building as a tenant.

Our new puppy Gordon Bombay:


NOT mom of the year

So I found this wonderful vblog and she wants all moms to tell why they should NOT receive a mom of the year award. Now the blog is older I think from last year or something. But I still love the idea and decided to write out some reasons why I will not be mom of the year. Our society is way too judgmental so that is why I think this is such a great idea. So all moms on here please feel free to claim your NOT mom of the year awards. 🙂 (I may add this contest ended a LONG time ago I just love the idea).


Here is the link:


My reasons….


1. My kid does not like to eat much more than cookie crisps, pizza, and potatoes. Most of the time these potatoes come in the form of french fries. I try to buy fruit and make healthy veggies with dinner but he just will not have it. He does however drink a ton of milk. I started giving him V8 splash now in order to “sneak” veggies and fruits into his diet. Haha he is none the wiser and thinks he is having juice.This of course is a direct result to his little sister and protest to eating for attention. So I tend to ignore the passive aggressive protest. In turn he does eat more.


2. Sometimes I let both of my kid’s stay in there pj’s the entire day. Or I buy them sweats to go with a cute shirt. They are cute no matter what they wear so I can get away with this. Half the time it is just grabbing whatever is clean and throwing it on them.


3. My kids have way too many clothes…but this allows me to put off laundry until well I have no clean clothes. Then I will do it as needed. More laundry is done now more than ever and I am very thankful for my husband reorganizing our laundry room. Just don’t go in there you may be attacked with a basket.


4. I don’t mop. I hate mopping and we lost our mop forever ago…I planned to buy a new one but I forgot because I didn’t write it down. My floors do stay clean though for the most part. Got to love windex and paper towels. Plus having a dog that eats the cookie crisp on the floor helps.


5. I sleep in every Saturday, this is thanks to my husband who is a morning person and spends time with the kids then. Of course sleeping in is only sleeping till 9 or 10 am. But hey an extra hour or two makes a big difference. Sometimes it ends up being 11 but then I tell him to turn the sound machine off to wake me up.


6. I have my parents watch them twice a week. One night for myself, and one to spend with my husband. I could get along without this…but they get to spend time with their grand parents and I get to not go insane. 🙂 They do not notice the difference either and I get a break. Sure some may think it is too much but that’s okay.


All in all I love this because I am not perfect. Which everyday I learn to actually like this more and more about myself. I love my kids with all my heart even when I feel like locking myself in the bathroom for an extra long shower when my husband gets home (which I am now slowly adding working out to this). After all he hasn’t seen them all day and you can’t really talk over our kids. They are loud. I mean like I can barely talk over them when they choose to be loud. And so what if we have some dirty laundry, no one is going to come and do it for me so who cares if it isn’t all done right away. If you don’t like that I do not mop then please do not lay on my floor. My toddler doesn’t seem to mind and he is the reason it is messy in the first place. The messier things are the happier he seems to be. Of course he put his 100 army men all over the floor so why should they have to move? I have to try and buy goldfish too maybe he will add them to his food groups. So mommies out there will you too make your own list of reasons why your not going to win any mom of the year award. Own it I say and to hell with anyone that doesn’t like your reasons. Being a mom is too hard and the pay sucks. Thank goodness for the beautiful kiddos that come from it. I say all the time thank God my kids are cute because they drive me crazy.

Life and love as we know it for the moment

Well it has been quite some time since my last writing because we have a new baby girl added to our family. She is now a little over a month old and not sleeping. I must say I have tried to read the highly suggest book Happiest Baby on the Block. Well my baby does not wish to be a happy baby on any block. She will scream at the same time frames every day and does not really care about any books that give common sense advice to remedy the situation. If only babies could just tell us maybe we could figure it out…I am still waiting on my older baby to completely figure this one out. He talks but he talks to himself and does not care to express himself in frustration by talking since he is two. He is getting better everyday and talking more. He walks around spelling his own words and saying very random expressions to boot.

Happily on the mommy front YAY I’m NOT pregnant. Never again will I need to go through that unless we become a medical statistic that would make a doctor scratch their head. I am beyond thrilled to move onto the next phase of life with my darling husband and that will not anymore involve my stomach expanding. Pregnancy is a rough road that is full of many road blocks. We have thankfully arrived to our destination in one piece. Now if the rest stop just had a bed or we could find a hotel and sleep. Sleep I know will come eventually I am praying coffee will push me through until that point.

My long lost love has returned to me. My beloved coffee oh how I have missed you, longed for you, and now can enjoy you as often as I desire. Well I may write more on some irrelevant subject matter later on after I have recovered from this sleep deprivation….maybe something along the lines of the issue in Egypt and their president finally resigning. We shall see.

My toddler the sneaky genius…

I am convinced my son is a genius, he clearly will be smarter than my husband and I ever will be. I realized maybe he is on the brighter side than most two year old’s when he spelled out a word on a educational program. He spelled jacket and this was after I asked him what the television said at the beginning of the show and he yelled SCHOOL! I have never heard him spell before and thought this was something to share since I had no part in it he did it on his own.

He is a picky child and with him being so smart comes many challenges. He has no fear of anything, which is my fault. He loves all thing related to Halloween and laughs at what most children will find scary. He will reply with a “cool” very nonchalantly. He however will not touch anything that will make his hands sticky, making meal time very difficult. I can only hope this will lead to early potty training, but I have my doubt since he laughs at the toilet and its usage.

He knows how to operate the television and computer already and will do things that I cannot undo since I am on the technologically challenged side. He daddy is a computer engineer so he has inherited the “engineer brain” as we like to call it in our house. Something I do not have, since I am more artistic and so is my logic. Most of the time my son will look at me in confusion because he would not do things the way I am doing them and will show me the right way to do them. Just like his dad. Neither of them do this in a hurtful way, just in a way that leaves me out.

Right now my sneaky toddler is trying to open a coke and drink it. He is very close to success as well. Sometimes we will watch in amazement just to see if he can master a task on his own.

Infant Potty Training…

Okay I read this article about people who believe in having their child NOT wear a diaper. They are trying to now call it the elimination communication method. This is when your infant (they suggest from birth) goes without a diaper so that when they make a “poop face” you can then squat with them over a potted plant, bowl, toilet, yadda yadda yadda.

Oh did I mention the mother is suppose to do this literally 24/7….right. This is one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time. Kind of like those breastfeeding and cloth-diapers are the only way advocates. As my husband suggest, yes because these people are cheap and do not want to pay for formula or diapers. Not that there is anything wrong with either of these things but let’s face it you would need too much free time on your hands to do these. I like the fact that my husband can, God forbid, help. I know this is a novel concept. So I will not be breastfeeding, thank heavens. It was the worst experience ever. I cannot imagine letting my kid run around without a diaper…I mean why wouldn’t I want to go around and pick poop up? Sounds like a great day. I prefer spending my time cooking for him, playing, and watching PBS. Side note: he is now trying to spell everything at two. He can also count. I guess the whole concept that breastfeeding will produce smarter spawn is a load of crap.

I think a happy momma is going to cause happy children. If the children seem unhappy look at their mother, I am sure you will notice an obvious connection. I am thankful for my supportive husband who gets I am not a cow or my entire life does not revolve around hovering over a toilet with a squirming two-year old. This two-year old happens to laugh at the toilet while making toilet sounds. I figure when he wants to do it he will, that is just his nature. I am sure it will be sooner than I expect then I will have to be sad about how fast he is growing up.

Pregnancy Effects

I thought I would make a list about pregnancy…7 more weeks left.

1. Not being able to bend over without using muscles I never knew I had and failing to pick up whatever toy I have stepped on because I didn’t see it.

2. Being able to fall asleep doing just about anything, sleep deprivation will do that to a person.

4. Two plus years may need to be called something more than sleep deprivation…if I could think clearly I might be able to think of a better name for it.

5. Lists and then the lists that derive from the original list of which nothing barely gets crossed off.

6. I bet I could eat flames and wouldn’t notice a difference from the heartburn I have.

7. Anything that gets put on my belly creates the reaction that it must be bumped off…and the determination is very entertaining. Can we say stubborn child??

8. When my son points to my belly button and screams. Not sure why he thinks it is necessary to scream but that is the reaction.

9. Everyone in this house snores…loud…making it pretty near impossible to sleep. This may be why I doze at random times.

10. My formally cute painted toes are anything but…oh to be able to give myself a pedicure and have my feet back.

Gender Roles?

By Samantha Glaab

Biological gender is viewed as an unchanging factor often at one’s birth. However, the issue of biological gender is questioned when one is not assigned a clear gender at birth. The gender assigned for those children is eventually picked by the child. Gender therefore is just a sentiment and is not an unchanging factor since there are cases where gender cannot be assigned to begin with.

Gender stereotypes is an issue imposed mostly by media and social reinforcement measures. The media still likes to portray gender as only fitting into two categories male and female. The change of the gender roles in society has been minimal, with the female having to work harder to been seen as an equal the majority of the time still. Yes society is slowly becoming more accepting to different possible gender roles but the traditional gender roles are still pushed in our society. Even if the traditional roles are pushed minimally the media has a major portrayal in acceptable gender behaviors they are accepted as being the normal ones.

The declaration of femininity and masculinity has a great deal to do with the gender roles in our society. Even though no one can clearly define what is male or female, what is masculine or feminine they are constantly trying to be defined for society. Each individual should have the choice to be who they feel is right for them, not for society. After all we are all humans and have that essential thing in common with one another, despite which gender we prefer to associate with.

Interesting experiment (fake) by an artist:

Pregnant “male”: